Manage everything for you on one platform with a flexible and all-round way

Under the construction of full-scale function and flexible customize, Tracup helps users improve their efficiency by collaborating on everything with your team in a full-scale way.

Build your task management that can be customized for every need

Build your tasks in multiple ways

For a higher efficiency, Tracup supports create tasks with multiple channels including convenient and fast ways to create their tasks based on their needs.

Create tasks at the bottom right corner
Create tasks at any tasks view
Create tasks by dragging and dropping documents/files to task view
Create tasks by sending email
Create tasks by importing files/documents
Create tasks by Tracup API

Task Drafts

Save task as “draft” and continue to edit later.

Set Task Information

Set task information,figure out the current status, as well as staying on track with other team members and collaborate on everything with your team.

Better Task Description

In the task description, type “/” to select various editing options to help you make a description with a more vivid picture of the task information, thus team members can better understand of task content.

Text format: such as bold, italic and underlined
List: add ordered list, unordered list and checklist
Media content: insert picture, web page bookmark
External content: add specific link from external service, such as Youtube

Customizable Tasks

Add custom field, custom task status, custom task type and customize your task for any scenario

Custom Field of Task

Multiple custom filed such as text, number and date

Status of Custom Field

Customize add task status and formulate your workflow

Task Type of Custom Field

Custom task type to make a distinction


Each complex task is further broken down into sub-task, which can streamline and figure out the task components

Task collaboration and management with professional and comprehensive attitude

Customize task view for any need

Tracup supports rank tasks in multiple task views and display different task information through different task view, which can be applied into different task scenario

List View

Display tasks as list view, so as to adjust list information and order

Board View

Display distribution of tasks for a better drag-and-drop of task group

Gantt Chart

Emphasize timeline and dependencies of tasks

Table View

In order to adjust task information, you can adjust information and width on display

Calendar View

Display the task list in the form of a calendar, reflecting the time planning information of the task

Task Screening

Customize the addition of multiple filters in any task view, thus allowing you to filter out tasks that meet the add conditions. For direct filtering at next time, Tracup supports saving commonly used filter sets and synchronizing saved filter sets to other team members

Comment and Reply

In order to achieve constant communication between work tasks real-time, notes, comments including suggestion and ideas may be added to any task; or responses to demands, suggestions and problem, etc.

Task Attachment

For a sufficient explanation of task demands, Drag-and-drop and locally upload files, multi-format attachments such as the image addition are supported to documents, as well as supporting single-click download and online preview.

Initiate project based on standardized template

Tracup provide standard template for any needs, thus helping users initiate project rapidly to achieve a better goal

Custom Task Status
Custom Task Type
Task Custom Fields
Component Configuration of Project

Pro forma Predictions

Pro forma predictions are crucial financial projections that display the anticipated outcomes of a business or project based on specific assumptions or scenarios. They serve as invaluable tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and securing financing.

Navigating the complexities of sales profits often requires a tailored table or list to effectively organize and streamline your data. Reporting predictions for future revenue can be a daunting task; however, our template simplifies these calculations for you.

The Tracup Pro Forma Predictions Template focuses on anticipating and forecasting forthcoming financial trends, as well as evaluating the potential impact of unexpected events on your business. With the Tracup Pro Forma Template, you can efficiently complete these essential projections.

Our comprehensive template not only provides examples of prediction statements but also includes detailed data on every aspect of sales. Elevate your performance and gain a competitive edge with Tracup's robust Pro Forma Predictions Template at your disposal.

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Lean Business Schedule

Lean Business Schedule is an easy-to-follow framework that helps companies plan their growth while keeping costs low. It’s a proven method for optimizing operations and increasing profits.

A lean business model is a flexible way to manage a company. Learn more about the benefits of lean business planning!

Lean Business Schedule is a process that helps businesses optimize their operations and increase profitability. Read on to discover why it works so well!

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All Staffs Meeting Organization

All Staffs Meeting Organization Template is an important way to keep employees informed and engaged. They're also a great opportunity to bring new ideas to light, discuss company goals, and build team spirit.

All Staffs Meeting Organization is a meeting where all stakeholders, leaders, and employees get together to discuss the most crucial issues affecting the entire organization.

It is also known as a 'town hall' or 'stakeholders meeting' because of the wide variety of formats used by companies for such meetings.

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Change Management Checklist

The most important tasks and deliverables for projects in the planning and implementation phases are listed in Tracup's Change Management Checklist. Tracup's checklist for change management serves as a jumping-off point for initiatives in the planning and execution stages.

Change management and monitoring are vital processes that must be carefully managed. How can you determine whether your change management plan is set up for success? How can you track your change items orderly and effective?

Change management is especially crucial for IT industry. To assist you in organizing your strategy for change management, use this checklist template for free.

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Bugs Queue

Easily plan, track, and manage your scrum iterations while accelerating the delivery of superior products. Bugs Queue Template is an Excel spreadsheet template that helps product development teams easily track bugs, assign tasks to team members, track progress, report on bugs, and keep track of bug fixes.

The template is easy to customize, allowing teams to add or remove columns to fit their individual needs, as well as features color coding for quick visual identification of progress.

Bug queue is an organized way to track all defects in software. Once you identify bugs, you can manage them and prioritize them through bug queues.

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Marketing Activities

You and your team can organize your campaign planning and execution on this board. Invite your team so you can assign owners, keep track of due dates, and see the progress of your campaigns at every stage.

This board is for you and your team to plan and work together on campaigns in one central place. Invite your team so you can assign owners, track deadlines and view campaign status each step of the way. Feel free to customize this board to fit your team's needs and workflow.

Marketing activities are activities that are used to promote a product or service.
These activities can include advertising, customer engagement initiatives, promotional activities, and other strategies that are used to attract and retain customers.

A well-planned and implemented marketing activity template can help to create a consistent message, create brand awareness, and drive sales.

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Agile - Roadmap

Ideal for controlling Agile Methodology. You can essentially plan and keep track of all top-level milestones with the Roadmap's planned projects. The Agile Roadmap template is a tool to help teams plan, develop, and execute initiatives.

It is a visual aid that captures the main objectives of your project and the sequence of activities it follows to reach them. It is an essential tool for Agile project management and allows teams to track their progress over time.

It can be used to break down the timeline of a project into manageable milestones and assignments.

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Consultant Time Tracking

Time tracking is crucial for businesses especially those that pay their staff on a time-based salary. Use this template for a consultant time tracker to assist your company keep records of the hours your consultants work with clients.

Tracup automates tracking time for consulting services helping to invoice clients, generate revenue, and estimated time. This template works to meet all your demands of consultant tracking management. This template helps get crucial information to make sure projects run smoothly and stay under budget.

To measure every billable and non-billable minute accurately, Tracup Consultant Time and Salary Tracking Template is designed to provide a professional and agile system for you. It will make it easier to get paid and receive revenue for each consulting minute.

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Project Brainstorming Session

Have you found that the brainstorming in your team is disorganized and lacks focus? How do you get to a point where everyone on the team can share their ideas? How do you collect all of them and track their progress? Want to make all the stuff easier? Using Tracup eye-catching Project Brainstorming template!

This template will inspire everyone on the team to be creative and lateral-thinking, to come up with innovative ideas, and to offer their viewpoints from all perspectives rather than being afraid to speak up. As for managers or leaders, it allows a quick and complete collection of ideas and advice.

The Project Brainstorming Session Template is a tool designed to help teams develop innovative solutions and ideas for any project. Tracup Project Brainstorming Session Template gives teams a perfect platform to innovate! Apply this template to your personal workspace and start brainstorming!

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Account Planning Tracker

Account planning is essential in keeping existing clients and developing favorable relationships with them. It is the process of detailing key information about a potential customer or current client, such as their contacts, their business content, and monthly revenue, and expanding your relationship with them.

Maintaining current clients and generating new clients are both essential components of effective account management. This template from Tracup provides a practical way to keep track of all of your accounts, notes, and follow-ups on one site.

With a variety of filters available, you can concentrate on different accounts according to their monthly earnings, priority, and other key elements. Account Planning Tracker Template lists out the most crucial information in client management.

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Sales Invoice Management

This invoice tracker template is more complex than a simple bill. With the help of the invoice tracking template, you can store several invoices without having to create different files by keeping track of your clients, invoices, and invoice details in one place. This readily available invoice tracker form can also be used to examine data from earlier invoices.

You are probably well aware of how annoying administrative work can be. Check out Tracup's invoice management template if you have numerous clients and a variety of services or goods to offer. This customizable template can be modified to meet any demands or requirements you may have.

With the help of this easy yet effective invoice management template, you can monitor invoice progress, improve your marketing strategy, and optimize your invoicing system. You will have everything on one site, including sales invoices and bills, crucial data, and track on how the bills are handled.

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Commission Calculate Sheet

Keeping track of the commission numbers becomes challenging when you got a large number of sales staff. Manager often finds it easy to lose data and other information when calculating stuff salary and accessing their performance.

No matter how complex your compensation system is, Tracup‘s commission sheet template makes it simple to figure out the commissions for your sales staff. No matter what you need in sales management such as commission rate, total sales, sold units and other figures, this template offers you an all-in-one tracker.

It's simple and easy to total up all those numbers with Tracup's Commission Calculate Sheet Template. Why don't you give it a try?

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Product Vision Board

A Product Vision Board is an effective way to visualize your product and its purpose. It helps you understand what makes your product different from others.

In order to create a successful product vision board, you must first have a clear idea about your product. You should also know who your customers are and why they would buy your product.

A Product Vision Board allows you to see your product as if you were already using it. It gives you a visual representation of your product and helps you determine whether or not it has potential. Use this presentation-ready product vision board template to gain support for your project. Create a compelling vision board to attract potential investors or partners.

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Real Estate Settlement List

The Real Estate Settlement List Template is designed to help streamline the collection process for real estate professionals. It includes all the necessary fields to input all the vital information you'll need.

From contact info, to help needed, influence degree, rate of progress, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately keep track of all the process.

You may also wish to include an itemized list of services provided by your company. Make sure to provide a link back to your website so that potential buyers can view more information about your business. Your clients will appreciate knowing what they can expect during the process.

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The Management of Restaurant Cost

Tracking material expenses is an effective way to properly manage a restaurant. Material expenses refer to the cost of goods used to produce a product including raw materials, parts, and labor.

This Management of Restaurant Cost Template helps you create an accurate costing system for your restaurant or food service business. It includes templates for each type of menu item and allows you to easily add new items with more and more business.

Use this template to accurately calculate the cost of each dish on your menu. You'll also learn how to quickly update costs when prices change. Create a new recipe by selecting from one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch using our blank template.

We highly recommend restaurant managers to use this template as a proper tool of tracking expense and manage inventory. It would be much easier to track and change date than writing on a piece of paper due to our highly secured data storage cloud.

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Student Performance Management

This template will help teachers of all stripes keep tabs on their pupils' progress, behavior, and other factors over time. It is a place to start, to provide you with concepts and a fundamental framework. We invite you to make it your own by editing and changing it.

Record and monitor your student’s performance with Tracup's free online Student Progress Management Sheet! You may also import external files to the table to help you keep track of all student information in one easy-to-access place. The place to create a system that works for you is Tracup. This article has some useful information, which you may access using the page list on the left.

Since teachers serve as the students' lighthouses and schools serve as their cradles, it is imperative for all students, teachers, and even schools to have a clear understanding of each student's progress and course performance. This template is created for you to handle all your student affairs, so please feel free to use it!

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Promotion Plan Form

A Promotion Plan Template is a convenient tool used to plan and manage the development, execution and measurement of a promotional campaign. It can help business owners and marketing teams create a defined structure and timeline for their promotions.

It also has space to record objectives, strategies, approaches and expected outcomes. This template is designed to help users save time while ensuring the successful execution of campaigns.

We highly recommend event planners to go through this template before holding a pomotion campaign. This template is a great enlightening tool if people are not familiar with pomotion event planning. After using this tempalte for a while, you will be able to leave the text and build your own pomotion campaign.

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Build Vs. Buy Analysis Template

A Build and Buy template is a tool used in business administration to coordinate and document purchase decisions. It helps to ensure the efficient, cost-effective and timely delivery of purchased items or services.

The template consists of a set of deliverables, activities, purchase stages, and cost information, which are then tracked throughout the buying process from initial sourcing and selection to contract negotiation and delivery.

By outlining the necessary steps, build and buy templates provide a cohesive structure for the entire process, saving both time and money.

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Business Calendar Planner

Business calendar templates are a great way to keep track of events and deadlines for your business.

With a business calendar template, you can easily create, manage, and share a calendar of important events with your team. A business calendar template helps you organize key dates such as due dates, deadlines, meetings, and other important events.

It can help you stay focused and on top of deadlines, while also allowing you to easily reschedule events when needed.

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Consulting Project Management Plan

Do you find consulting project management to be a difficult task? Still, writing down every trivial procedure of your consultancy plan? Feeling hard to analyze and predict the growth of your business?

To ensure that you achieve each target, Tracup's consulting project plan template is intended to assist you in organizing, tracking, and forecasting the future business of your company. By defining deadlines and estimating workload, the Gantt chart and list included in these simple templates make it easier than ever to manage your job.

Eager to enhance your work efficiency and streamline your consultation workflow? Want to make sure every detail of consulting work is going well? Come and use the Tracup template to have a brand new work experience.

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Add any project components to meet various requirements


My Task

My tasks involved are collected and presented without entering relevant project, including tasks that are created by me, assigned to me and follow by me

Calendar View

Organize projects and visualize your team's work distribution on a flexible calendar that keeps everyone on the same page. Create tasks and assign them to relevant members publicly and directly in the calendar view

Collection of More Features


Copy and Move

Copy/move tasks into any project

Incognito Mode

Only visible to relevant members of current tasks

Task Grouping

Support multi-dimensional display according to the task

Task Sequencing

Autonomous switchover arranging ways according to demands

Task Dynamic

Record of task modify and update



Notify project message to third-party OA system


Notify project message to custom URL

Access Control of Project

Customize roles and access to assign roles to team members

Task Import/Export

Export and import large batches of tasks

Project repository

Update the code in data repository/issue alteration situation

Other supports


Customize the Way and Content of Notification


Archive important project for better searching


Project and task information cannot be edit after archive the project


Integrate the third-party service of mainstream for a better collaboration

Universal Search

Search for project, tasks, files, documents and members at the same time

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