Make daily operations simple

Streamline workflow with Tracup, freeing up operations staff time to focus on creativity and inspiration


Control key processes and clearly understand the work progress of all members of the department; accurately communicate creative ideas through comments, so that the task progress can be effectively promoted

Clear deployment

A clear division of labor for the manuscript, with closely related members within the team, eliminating the sense of boundaries between positions. Any task, from copywriting to design, is executed precisely and step by step

Knowledge Sedimentation

Unify the management of commonly used materials in the project file, and upload the required attachments at high speed; avoid redundant folders and disorderly material management

Operational Solutions

Task to person

We assign responsibilities for topic selection, planning, and content output in the form of assignments; share work schedules and split project processes to complete tasks on time and in a reasonable manner.

Precise Positioning

Systematic implementation of marketing strategies, reasonable analysis of user pain points, accurate tracking of the effect of each placement and record, with a refined implementation to gradually achieve the goal.

Streamlined Process

Flexible configuration of process specifications according to different projects; planning of task priorities to prioritize manuscript scheduling and ensure efficient and fast execution of work.

Data Review

The visualization data such as "trend of new interactions" and "statistics of the proportion of each type of fans" help the operation department to adjust the operation strategy according to the data report in time, so that the defects and needs can be seen at a glance.

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